Shirvan RCS

The Station for Radio Control over Broadcasting in Shirvan began its work on May 17, 2005. The Station is located on the 3rd floor of the building of automatic telephone exchange. The administrative building was thoroughly renovated. The Station is provided with all necessary means (receiving antennas, digital TV sets, computers, all the working rooms are furnished with furniture) for the efficiency of employees.

The service area of the Station for Radio Control over Broadcasting in Shirvan includes 14 cities and districts: Shirvan, Hajigabul, Kurdemir, Ujar, Zardab, Aghjabadi , Beylagan, Fizuli, Dzhabrail, Imishli, Saatli, Sabirabad, Salyan and Neftchala.

Initially, the Station had 8 employees (4 engineers and 4 electricians). Currently, the number of employees has reached 10 people. The Station regularly conducts technical inspections of radio electronic facilities being utilized in service areas, detects radio electronic facilities being used illegally,  as well as performs radio monitoring tasks to eliminate factors of interferences. Relevant measures are taken against illegal users of radio electronic facilities in service areas. Educational meetings with legal users of radio electronic facilities are regularly held.

By using modern technologies, the Station conducts radio control over on-air and high-quality broadcasting of TV and radio programs in service areas.

For the purpose of on-air radio monitoring, the Station uses spectrum analyzers (radio receivers) AOR-5000, AOR-8200, AOR-8600, analog frequency meters SDU 5600 and Scout-M40, as well as modern digital analyzers FSH-20, PR-100, Promax, Bird 5000-XT, Scout. By means of the vehicle VAZ-2107, mobile radio monitoring, operation control, and technical and visual control of radio electronic facilities are carried out.

The primary task of the Station is to monitor the operational frequencies of the radio electronic facilities being utilized by organizations located in the service areas, detect sources of interference to  radio networks on the air and radio electronic facilities being illegally used, as well as take certain measures to register these radio electronic facilities in the State Management of Radio Frequencies.