-Preserves radio frequency spectrum allocated to the Republic of Azerbaijan and ensures its effective usage; 

-Allocates radio frequencies and radio frequency channels to legal and physical persons for usage; 

-Provides electromagnetic compatibility of radio electronic facilities and high frequency devices;  

-Plans the usage of civilian radio electronic facilities in the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as assigns and registers the operable frequencies and call signals for these radio electronic facilities; 

-Carries out state control over the fulfilment of requirements of state legislation on designing, operating, manufacturing, purchasing (transferring), installing, utilising radio electronic facilities and high frequency devices, as well as on importing them into the Republic of Azerbaijan;

-Supervises radio frequency spectrum generated by radio electronic facilities and high frequency devices;

-Carries out radio monitoring;

-Combats illegal usage of radio electronic facilities, high frequency devices and radio frequency spectrum;

-Masters and applies the advanced technologies, new technical facilities and broad professional experience;

-Coordination of the use of frequencies within the coordination zones in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan with the relevant entities of neighboring countries.